Recursive Triangle Python Project

Hello Everyone, I am working on Recursive Triangle Project and I am looking for source code. I have checked on GitHub and found this post and I have added a sample source code below, I want to know the code is optimized or not?

def triangle(n):
    return recursive_triangle(n, n)

def recursive_triangle(x, n):
    # First we must verify that both input values are integers.
    if type(x) != int or type(n) != int:
        return 'error'
    # If x is bigger than n, we will still only print the full triangle, so we can set them equal.
    if x > n:
        x = n
    # If either value is zero, the output should be an empty string because there are no lines or triangle to print.
    if x == 0 or n == 0:
        return ''
    # Let's set some variable names to help us out.
    star_print = n
    line_number = x
    # I'll create an empty string that we can concatenate values to.
    line_print = ''

#The difference value will determine how many shapes are needed to fill the line before the stars are printed.
    difference = star_print - line_number
    # If difference is not zero, we will print that value of spaces before the stars. The star print will be the
    # remainder, also known as line number.
    if difference != 0:
        line_print += ' '*difference
        line_print += '*'*line_number
    # If difference is zero, then we can just fill the line with stars.
        line_print += '*'*star_print
    # If the line number is greater than one, we can return our string and use the recursive call to run the function
    # again with the line number as one value less.
    if line_number > 1:
        return line_print+'\n'+str(recursive_triangle(line_number-1, star_print))
    # If the line number is exactly one, then we don't need to use the recursive call.
    elif line_number == 1:
        return line_print

Hello, @aartiyadav, and welcome to Python Foundation Discourse!

A good way to begin to work with this code is to make sure you fully understand what it is doing.

Please explain to us what is the role of the two parameters of the recursive_triangle function.

Do you see anything in the code that needs to be optimized?