Replacement for IRC Github service?

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #21

Eh, why put off what can be done in a few minutes… I’ve configured a hook manually for the time being… Will review the result after the day’s activities. :slight_smile:


(Tyler Kennedy) #22

Hey @EWDurbin. When the github integration was written (~2012) they didn’t have terribly fine grained permissions. The only way for me to write webhooks to the personal projects or org proejcts at the time (and to see which ones were already listed to look for duplicates) was full r/w. PRs happily accepted, the project is entirely python (although outdated, hasn’t changed much in the last 7 years).


(Sorin Sbarnea) #23

Can you get permissions fixed as I think this is a deal-breaker for many?

Also, can you put a valid SSL certificate on the server? … as this would be a deal-breaker for the others :wink:

I am looking forward to use such service.


(Tyler Kennedy) #24

What is wrong with the SSL certificate already on the service?


(Sorin Sbarnea) #25

Correction: the issue is that HTTP is not redirected to HTTPS and this triggers lots of warnings. Not sure how I ended up on HTTP, but clearly it should redirect to HTTPS.


(Tyler Kennedy) #26

A few thousand legacy hooks still point to http endpoints, and services like Github and Bitbucket refuse to follow 301s. It should redirect, yes, but the quick fix was to just not redirect.


(Tyler Kennedy) #27

Resolved, HTTPS enforced except for legacy hooks which will continue working on http-only.

As mentioned before the github integration is 100% optional. It just automates setting up the webhooks. You can just create a project and copy-paste your webhook URL into github if you do not want to use it. PRs to update it are happily accepted :slight_smile:


(Sorin Sbarnea) #28

You could use HSTS Policy to force browsers to use HTTPS while not preventing old hooks from working.

BTW, Thank you for setting up this services I LOVE how it works!

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