Request For Python 2 to be maintained

Dear Python Community,
This is Jonathan Gerard, teenaged-coder-by-hobby. I kindly request the Python Community to maintain Python2.7 even after Jnauary 2020. I am using a Orange Pi and have successfully installed tensorflow on it, finally, after several attempts. It did not work with the Python3 wheels, but only Python2 ones. Hence, I kindly request for the maintainence of Python 2.
Thanking You.

Not sure if you’ve already read all of the sunset posts, but TensorFlow is among the large list of package maintainers that are no longer going to support Python 2 by 2020. See

Also, this should not directly impact older wheels which have not been updated. Even after January 2020, those wheels will continue to work the same, it’s just unlikely that any bugs or issues will be addressed by the Python development community.

I would suggest having this topic moved over to the “Users” section. The “Ideas” section is primarily for proposals.

Edit: I moved it over, hadn’t realized that I had permissions to do so.


Closing this thread as Python 2.7 will not receive extended support from the Python development team.