Request for triage / merge rights on

I’m not sure where the best place to put this request. I would like to triage the open docs issues and perhaps add a project to track work to do an edit cycle on the existing docs.

@pradyunsg @brettcannon


If no one voices any concerns here by Wednesday or so… I’ll go ahead and add you as an editor on the guide (that’s either the write or maintain permission IIRC), which should enable you to do all that.

So, if anyone has concerns with @willingc being an editor on, let me know (here, or via Discord DMs, or via Discourse DMs[1]).

  1. Yes, it’s a thing. ↩︎

Whelp, I just realised that I’m technically also not an editor and have been (ab)using my admin bit to merge PRs.

I guess I’ll tack on my own self here as well, and add myself to that list at the same time unless someone has concerns about it – lemme know if you have any via the same chanmels.

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For context, here’s how we handled a recent request for the addition of a new contributor: (note, I am also an organization admin and not a blessed maintainer/contributor for the guide).

It probably would also make sense to add some process for this to Contribute to this guide - Python Packaging User Guide!


Seeing State of development of the guide · Issue #1253 · pypa/ · GitHub and his recent activity, I also wonder if @sinoroc could be a candidate for giving merge rights?

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@jeanas Thanks : )

I think I would decline, though. I am not able to dedicate time on a regular basis. These days I am active because there are a couple of changes that I want to see go through before the window of opportunity in my schedule closes again. : )

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This is good context!

Agreed – I was looking for an answer around this and I couldn’t find anything, hence the ad-hoc “I’ll do it by Wednesday, barring concerns” process that I unilaterally decree’d here. :sweat_smile:

@willingc You should have an invitation to join with the relevant access. :slight_smile:

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