Request to join PyPA

Hello! I’ve struggled through Python packaging for so long, I’ve found a passion for helping others do it right, and I’d love to contribute that skill as a member of the PyPA.

I maintain a project on GitHub, Timecard, which I also curate as a living example of Python packaging in the messy real world (with Flatpak to boot). I also go into detail about the packaging conventions in my forthcoming No Starch Press book, “Dead Simple Python” (2022), and increasingly through talks and articles. (I’m not afraid of writing documentation and tutorials!)

I dream of a day when packaging in Python no longer feels like beating yourself to death with a wet trout. It’s certainly getting better, and I’d love to do my part to help that.

I would love to be a part of the PyPA as an official member.

Hi Jason,

The PyPA is mostly just an umbrella organization, perhaps a namespace, for packaging projects. Membership does not really mean much, it simply means you are a maintainer or triager of one of the projects under the PyPA umbrella.

Most discussions, regarding standardization or otherwise, happen in a public forum, usually here or in the project bugtrackers. Anyone is free to weigh in and collaborate.

The only practical value of individual membership is that you get to be able to propose projects for inclusion. You can also vote if you have commit access to at least one project.

You can consider yourself member of the PyPA community, you can find the other roles described here.

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