Requesting a review for gh-103134: Update multiprocessing.managers.ListProxy and multiprocessing.managers.DictProxy

@hugovk suggested that I post this request on this forum.

@storchaka requested some changes to the pull request and I believe I have addressed the changes and updated the tests to cover more cases.

I will be at the sprints on Monday morning if someone wants to review the pull request together.

Thank you for your time.

Pull request reviewed and merged at the PyCon 2024 sprints!!! Thank you very much to all of who participated and gave feedback in the GitHub issue and pull request. It feels great to be able to give back to Python in this way, however small the issue.

@encukou suggested adding a test that checks whether the set(dir(list)) is included in set(dir(ListProxy)) and equivalently for dict/DictProxy in a separate pull request in order to fulfill the contract specified in the official documentation that the multiprocessing manager list and dict proxies have the same behavior as the vanilla list and dict types.

I need to think about this and whether adding this test will unnecessarily cause problems down the road.