Requesting reply privileges for the Committers category

Request to the discourse admins: please could I have the appropriate permissions to be able to reply to topics in the Committers category? (I’ve been lurking for a while, but only now has something come up that I’d like to be able to reply to.)

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Done! :slight_smile:

For the record, this was the page with all the groups where you can request membership access:

you can find the link in the “Groups” section of the menu.

I added to the topic for Staff about granting access.

Many thanks, both! (And apologies for not asking in the right place.)

I’m not sure how stuff works exactly but flagging it anyway – I think anyone with membership can also vote in polls, something we likely do not want if we’re doing Core Dev promotion votes and similar votes on the Committers category.

A related thought => If we want to have a space for general-discussion w/ everyone but scoped more sharply, it might make sense to make “Committers” be more granular to “core dev votes/public core-dev logistics discussions” and add a category equivalent to python-dev (which as been requested before) where all the development discussions can take place.

I tried here: [deleted now]

and some random account cannot cast a vote, only me as a committer. What do you mean with “anyone with membership”?

I thought usually votes are restricted based on who can post on a category but if that’s not the case, all good then. :slight_smile:

Maybe I am missing something here. Only if you can post in commiters you can vote in commiters. Only core Devs can post in commiters ergo there is no problem, right?

I’m the one missing something here. :slight_smile:

@mdickinson is a core dev and I had missed that (he wasn’t flagged as one in Discourse, which is where I looked; dum dum me!).

Everything is fine. Sorry for the false alarm.