Rye: workflow tool and python manager

@mitsuhiko I hope feedback here is okay. I’m also okay with moving this to a discussion.

I’ve tried Rye again today for an application project (you know “the one not meant to be built into a wheel”) and I very quickly hit a wall:

$ mkdir myproject && cd myproject
$ touch main.py

$ vim pyproject.toml
version="0.0.0" # Don't matter

$ rye sync
... # errors because my project did not have src/myproject/__init__.py
lerror: could not write production lockfile for project

So, I found Rye is not very application-friendly. It assumes you want to package your application (where src/myproject/__init__.py must exist and implies that [build-system] is specified (if not, uses setuptools by default).

I’ve been testing various project management tool to manage one environment for my folder of Python files (a folder of DAGs for Apache Airflow; a well known blindspot that Python tooling does not manage well). I unfortunately found both Hatch and Rye to not be so friendly for this workflow

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