Sdists for pure-Python projects

tar has been available by default in windows since 2018 , but even if it hadn’t been, I don’t view this as a particularly compelling argument. you could just as easily point to needing git which hasn’t been (And still isn’t) installed by default on more than just windows if the project is hosted on a git server without a browser interface. There’s also an implementation of tar in python :slight_smile:

I think if we’re talking about people who are reviewing code from an auditing perspective, we should be able to assume that basic common dev tools are things they will have at their disposal.


In case someone does not know it yet (or forgot about it), if you have Python you can handle tar archives even the compressed ones, no coding required:

python -m tarfile --extract some-sdist-1.2.3.tar.gz


The metadata is the same format, just with different requirements about what’s allowed to be dynamic.

Pip lets you turn off that fallback.

Basically, but that “no more ‘building’” is the key concept here.

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Well, yes, an sdist’s PKG-INFO matches a wheel’s METADATA. But I was thinking more about the fact that a wheel also needs WHEEL and RECORD files, and has a different folder structure, and uses a different archive format. It’s not as if Pip unpacks a .whl and then discovers that there’s still a build step. The difference is signaled up front, and then Pip needs to take a totally different sequence of steps to unpack and validate an archive, before even considering building.

And I’m thinking, I see the value in the up-front signal; but not in the other consequences of having a differently-compressed archive that’s missing two metadata files and gives the third one a different name and puts it in a different place and doesn’t have entry_points.txt pre-generated even though that generation is completely independent of a build step and probably other things I’m forgetting.