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Hi there.

I am a student at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Next semester i will work on my master thesis. I would like to help the python community in some way. Either by working on a PEP, or also to help develop tools python foundation is using. If you have an idea of something i can help out with, please let me know, i am opened to anything :slight_smile: .

Looking forward for your tips!

What are your favorite CS subjects.

Are you signed up on
If so, do you have any publicly viewable repositories?
And have you forked python/cpython, cloned on your machine, and built cpython?

Have you read any of
Answers to questions in Mailman 3 Info | - have some good advice.

Hello Terry :slight_smile:

I like backend development.
As my bachelor thesis i created Robot Framework extension for Vim, where i also worked on open source projects like ALE.
I especially like working in cloud, so parallelization, networking and security were my favourite CS groups of subjects. I also took a course in compiler construction which i enjoyed very much.
I currently work as a Cloud developer student assistant.

Yes i am signed up on Github.

I have some publicly viewable repositories, but i do not have a lot of Python over there. I mostly work with python at my work.

I did not forked python/cpython yet. I only have a clone on my computer. Yes i have built cpython on my own.

Thank you very much for all the helpful tips you sent me. I have just read the introductory parts of devguide yet, but it is very interesting and i will keep on studying it.
I also subscribed to the mailman.

My master thesis starts in January and will last for one semester where i fully concentrate just on the thesis. I have already found a supervisor for the thesis itself, however he is not familiar with python but he worked on different languages. So i still need to figure out the topic of the thesis.

Python is a language closest to my heart, and thats why i would like to start helping out with it. From 2017 i started attending Python conference in Slovakia and from 2018 I also started to help with organisation of it.

Do you have any idea what i could help with? I looked into PEP’s, i saw there are some deferred one because of lack of funding, do you think this would be a possibility?


At the end of the following video there is a call to create benchmark to help with the ongoing process of making Python faster.

It seems like something that could be done in your time frame and would be very useful to the community.

Have nice day.

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My questions were most to elicit information that anyone else would need to answer your question. I mostly work on IDLE. I have an interest in improving completions and maybe adding auto syntax checking as an option, which you have some experience with. But I don’t know that this is worth a master’s thesis as there would not be anything really innovative.

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Thank you very much for your input, i will make sure to check it out a bit more in depth. But you are right, it seems like something that could be done in my timespan. I would be more than happy to continue helping out python community also after my master thesis is completed.

Thank you for your reply. I understand your skepticism about the innovative aspect of working on IDLE, nevertheless i will still try to think about it.