Secondary Window: Work With The Same Instance

Python 3.10.4

Hello everyone

From a Main Window that has a Entry widget where a Data is written, it is sent through a button, a Secondary Window is created with a Label that receives a Data from the Main Window.
So far so good, but pressing the Main Window Button again creates another Secondary Window.

What is wanted is that when changing the Data in the Main Window, this updated Data is sent to the First Secondary Window and not that a following Secondary Window is created.

How to achieve this?

Thank you very much already

Hey @Skar

It would be very hard for anyone to offer you any practical help on this, without seeing the code on which your question is based. If it’s a very long script, try and come up with a shorted version, as a proof of concept.

In case you’re not familiar with Markdown, wrap your code in ‘backtics’, like this…

# Your code

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