Seems to be a pattern in random?

One thing that I suspect is that the initial seed is being set to the constant instead of a random one (e.g. time-based).

See if os.urandom(2500) gives the same value every time you start new python.


I will delete the topic now that I just learned that it was just bad luck that I could win so many times in the real code.

oh, I cannot delete the topic.

I don’t believe that.


Who cares?

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I don’t believe that either. There was Windows 8, then Windows 8.1, then Windows 10.


I have WIndows 10. I appreciate your help and obviously need to do some work on this. Sorry for not being truthful on the Windows version. I am brand new to forums and was trying not to appear stupid.
I am younger and my Dad is helping me learn my way around this…Dad is helping me write this particular post.
Again I appreciate your help and will be more honest in future posts.


Well, one of my theories was that if they’re willing and able to easily download and use another OS, that they’re using some kind of container which messes with the randomness. So I wanted to know what they were really using.

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I was more reacting to the (perhaps unintended) hostility of flatly stating “I don’t believe that” to someone[1], after they had already solved their problem.

People makes mistakes and say the wrong thing, especially when they are just learning, and it’s not important to correct every error. We can be nice! :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. even when you’re right! ↩︎


thank you for responding that way, @jamestwebber!

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You mean after they had thought they had solved their problem just like they had had thought there was a problem? How do you know they weren’t wrong this time?

And I don’t think it was hostile.

I do not think it was supposed to be hostile, but it came across as hostile, I am pretty sure that it is random, but thank you so much for trying to help!