Segmentation fault in OS 10.10.5

When I start Python in a terminal window on OS 10.10.5, it closes with “Segmentation error: 11” after the second line I input, regardless of what the two instructions are. For example, if I enter:

>>> for x in range(1000): print(x)

That works great, however if I enter:

>>> for x in range(1000):
...     print(x)

then I receive an error when I push enter on the second line. I can also run a script with more than two lines without issue. I want to create a segment table containing the beginning entry address of each segment given in the pictorial representation given here. As of now, I upgraded to OS10.10.5 this afternoon, so that may be the problem.

However, I recently loaded IPython (along with numerous other programs) and have been using it for the past few days, so it may be something else I recently installed. I had a number of failed attempts at installing PyQt in which I executed but then the “make” command failed, which made me suspicious.

I attempted to reinstall Python, but this did not alleviate the problem. IPython and IDLE both function normally. I’m simply concerned about what the fundamental problem may be.

What’s the source of your Python interpreter? Version? Is it possible it was built for a later version of MacOS?