Hi everyone, I’m new here. I’ve been an enthusiast of the python programming language, and recently decided that the time to learn it is now. I joined this platform with the full hope of learning from professional pythonistas. I currently work in the renewable (solar) space.


You are very welcome, then. I am sure community will try to help you with your advanture as it is full of kind and helpful people.
By the way, why not use the #welcome category for your self introduction :wink:

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As I said earlier, I am new here and also new to forum/discussion participation. I hope to learn how it works through you and other professionals assistance. Thanks for the enlightenment.

If you like to change the tag, you can just try clicking the edit button(there is a pencil image) next to the topic title and choosing the new tag.
Btw, I wouldn’t call myself ‘professional’ :slight_smile: