Separate data by commas in Python to Excel

Hello everyone,

Request you help with the following: I have updated the script which semi works.

import mutagen, xlrd, glob, re, openpyxl, os
# from mutagen.easyid3 import EasyID3
from os import walk
from pprint import pprint
from tinytag import TinyTag, TinyTagException
from openpyxl import Workbook
from openpyxl.utils import get_column_letter
from mp3_tagger import MP3File
from string import ascii_uppercase

filenames = os.listdir('E:\\All of D Drive\\Mixes\\')  # directory path of files
number_files = len(filenames)

def ExtractMP3TagtoExcel():
    print('Starting Program')

    tracks = []
    gettags = []

    for root, dirs, files, in os.walk('E:\\All of D Drive\\Mixes\\'): #('C:\\Users\\mrdrj\\Desktop\\sdf\\'):
        for name in files:
            if name.endswith(('.mp3', '.m4a', '.flac', '.alac')):

                tracks.append(name)  # Add Media Files


                    temp_track = TinyTag.get(root + '\\' + name)
                    mp3 = MP3File(root + '\\' + name)
                    # tags = mp3.get_tags()
                    print(root, '-', temp_track.artist, '-', temp_track.title)

                    gettags2 = [temp_track.album, temp_track.albumartist, temp_track.artist, temp_track.audio_offset,
                                temp_track.bitrate, temp_track.comment, temp_track.composer, temp_track.disc,
                                temp_track.disc_total, temp_track.duration, temp_track.filesize, temp_track.genre,
                                temp_track.samplerate, temp_track.title, temp_track.track, temp_track.track_total,
                                temp_track.year]  # Add Tags to list


                except TinyTagException:

    wb = Workbook()

    dest_filename = '-11empty_book11-.xlsx'
    #newFile = dest_filename

    #worksheet =

    ws1 =
    #ws =
    ws1.title = "MP3 Tags"  # Main Tab
    #sheet = "MP3 Tags"
    sheet = wb['MP3 Tags']

    ws1['A1'] = 'Album'
    ws1['B1'] = 'Contributing Artists'
    ws1['C1'] = 'Title'
    ws1['D1'] = 'Total Number of Disk'
    ws1['E1'] = 'Genre'
    ws1['F1'] = 'Disc Number'
    ws1['G1'] = 'Track Duration'

    for i in range(0,len(gettags)):
        e.value = "{0}".format(gettags[i]) #gettags[i]


In that it put the data to the excel spreadsheet for example show below but it does not separate them by the commas into the spread sheet to the headers of Album, Artist, Title, etc. Why does it do it and how can I solve it? Thanks for your time.

[’’, ’ A.R.P & U. T Dread’, ’ A.R.P & U. T Dread’, 484185, 320]
[None, None, None, 2136, 320]