Serial communication between python and processing

good morning everyone.
i am new to this forum and have been studying python for about 6 months.
I study mechanical engineering and for a school project I decided to create a program that solves my physics problems.

without going into too much detail, I insert into my python program some vectors of forces and the points at which they are applied. since there are many forces it becomes immediately difficult to make mistakes. so I was thinking of sketching the system.

the forces are all stored in a list of tuples.

I would like to make the drawings using the program: processing

Is it possible to make a serial communication between python and processing (programmed with python), to be able to add the forces in my python script and in real time send them to sketch processing? so as to create the drawing of the situation in real time? if so, how?
if I have not been clear do not hesitate to ask for clarification, thanks in advance to all those who will answer me :slight_smile:

Howdy Alex,

I do not know said application, but taking into account what is written in its documentation here:

It looks like it is possible… If you want to communicate with a client on the same machine, just use “” as its IP…

Hope, that helps?
Cheers, Dominik

PS: and may the force will be with you…