Shorthand notation of dict literal and function call

Hello (I opened an account here just for replying to this discussion, since I am very interested)

How about some notation that resembles the “self documenting expressions”?

f strings can be used like so:

>>> name = 'Santiago'
>>> f'see this variable: {name=} and this expression: {2+2=}'
"see this variable: name='Santiago' and this expression: 2+2=4"

it would be nice to continue on the same track. So short-hand dictionaries could be something like:

>>> name = 'Santiago'
>>> {name=, 2+2=}

equivalent to

>>> {'name': name, '2+2': 2+2}
{'name': 'Santiago', '2+2': 4}

and could even be extended for function calling

def say_hello(name): ...