Should PyPI deprecate .egg uploads?

In I’m proposing to stop PyPI from accepting uploads of .egg distributions. TL;DR, many tools have deprecated or dropped support for eggs, and overall wheels have far outpaced eggs in terms of uploads:


Comments are welcome here or on the GitHub issue. I’d especially like to hear from anyone still building or installing eggs, or maintainers of projects that still support eggs:


Not quite sure what you’re expecting from supporters, so I just left a :sparkling_heart: on the opening comment (and this comment to suggest others do the same).


I added a thumbs up to the issue, but yes, a “Like” here is probably good (so I added one as well).

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As per the comments on the GH issue, disallowing egg uploads for new projects and those that have never previously uploaded them seems like a clear win, but projects that have a history of publishing them will likely need a respectable grace period.

The overall idea still makes sense, though.


See also:

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