Should successful backport PRs by miss-islington be automatically approved?


At the moment core devs still need to approve backport PRs created by miss-islington.
I’m wondering if we can reduce this step, so backport PRs (by miss-islington) are automatically considered “approved” so we don’t even need to manually approve it? (i.e. just apply the “awaiting merge” label)

  • yes, auto-approve the backport PR
  • no, core devs need to approve

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(Victor Stinner) #3

They are multiple reasons why backports must not be merged automatically:

  • Sometimes, “needs 3.6 backport” label is added, whereas it’s a very bad idea: like a new feature which should not be backported, or a corner case bugfix which risks to introduce a regression
  • Sometimes, it’s better to give buildbots time to ensure that the change pass. Whenever possible, it’s better to not add a regression to 3 branches at once :slight_smile: (Hopefully, regressions are becoming less and less frequent!)

More generally, a human validation doesn’t hurt.

Approving with “LGTM, good bot!” takes 5 seconds. IMHO it’s not a big deal.


Yeah, I guess I’ve dealt mainly with documentation backport PRs, and I’m starting to find it a hassle having to approve the same PRs again. For documentation only changes, likely if the PR backport cleanly, it indicates everything was ok. If it was a mistake, say the text didn’t exist in the branch, then there will be conflict and the backport wouldn’t work.

(Victor Stinner) #5

I would be fine to automatically merge a documentation backport as soon as the CI pass. You have to define what is a “documentation change”. Maybe a change only impacting “*.rst” files in “Doc/”?


Documentation only change in my mind is PR that contains only .rst files. So if a PR contains other file types (mix of .py and .rst) then it doesn’t count.

Also bedevere already automatically labeled those PRs with type-documentation label (thanks @csabella for implementing this!) , so we can relying on the type-documentation label to identify that this is documentation only PR.

(Antoine Pitrou) #7

Is “approving” backports a new thing? I would simply press the merge button once CI passes and I’ve checked the diff is ok.


If you approve the PR, miss-islington will automatically merge so you don’t have to wait for CI to pass.


And it’s not new thing, it’s been done since Feb 2018


Thought I’ll be clear, I’m only referring to auto-approving the backports made by miss-islington. Other types of backports still require review.

(Antoine Pitrou) #11

Ah, thank you. I don’t make many PRs, so I usually wait for CI anyway :slight_smile: