Should the 2.7 branch be archived or something?

There are a couple recent attempts at creating pull requests against the 2.7 branch: Pull requests · python/cpython · GitHub

Should we archive/tag the branch so it doesn’t appear as an “active” branch anymore? (List of active branches: Branches · python/cpython · GitHub)


It was supposed to be, according to PEP 1. I’ll ping @benjamin here and we’ll get it done.

Deleted now.


To expand on this, the 2.7 branch is now deleted from the GitHub python/cpython repo and there is now a 2.7 tag which marks the last check-in to the 2.7 branch. That means you can still access the last contents of the 2.7 branch by doing a git checkout 2.7. Also recall that every Python release has its own tag of the form vi.j.kx, so you can always check-out the contents of any release. For example, the final 2.7 release can be checked-out as git checkout v2.7.18. And since there were no additional check-ins following the 2.7.18 release, the tags v2.7.18 and 2.7 happen to refer to the same commit :slight_smile: