Should this site be listed under "Community" at

Having somehow discovered this Discourse ( after having signed up to the mailman lists ( some time ago…

Is this Discourse considered the primary discussion forum for both users and core devs, or is there a reason why this Discourse is not listed (and more prominently promoted) anywhere under the “Community” menu on

Right now, when you browse the pages listed under the “Community” menu it clearly looks like mailing lists are the preferred way of discussing and interacting with devs. I am now suspecting this is not really the case… and I feel like I can unsubscribe from those mailman lists because this is where the action is. To me, it seems this Discourse is a bit of a hidden gem right now?

If posts are not automatically synced across this category and, there is redundancy and I guess this Discourse/category is the “de facto” one to be subscribing to, right?

See here for why it was removed from the community page on and the discussion: Reconsider the "Users" category?

Okay, thanks. This list of community links/lists/forums in the About->Help page seems a little redundant. Wouldn’t it be better to link to the Community page from the Help page and structure all links there accordingly under the Community page?

Anyway, I can add these thoughts in the thread you linked to.