Should triagers be able to stop buildbot builds?

Copy of “Should triagers be able to stop builds? · Issue #260 · python/buildmaster-config · GitHub”:

Hi, Python triagers can add test-with-buildbots label to PRs, but they cannot stop a build if it hangs. Currently, only core devs can do that. This makes it hard for triagers to “unstick” a PR after they test it with buildbots.

I think triagers should be able to stop builds. I’ve personally experienced builds hanging, and needing someone else to restart it for me.

Another possibility is to add to the devguide that triagers shouldn’t add the test-with-buildbots label. But I’m not in favor of that. I think letting triagers test complex PRs with buildbots can save the core devs a lot of time – hunting down test failures after the merge is always more stressful.

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+1 from me, FWIW.

I’m fine with letting triaggers stop builds, but I don’t know how permissions are handled in Buildbot. If you find it, I can help you to get the change merged.

Fixed by @pablogsal on

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Yep, as stated by Batuhan above, this has been added. Thanks to everyone involved!

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