SLU New Python Student Hello Post

Hello Everyone,
I am Nasser and I am taking my first Python course at SLU. I am very excited to be able to talk to guys about Python, and learning from your kind contributions on this forum.

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Hello, Nasser, and welcome to the Python Discourse community!

We hope you enjoy the discussions here and your first Python course at SLU. If you do continue with additional Python courses, enjoy them as well!

Please see the information on the following introductory Python Discourse pages. It will be very useful for enhancing your experience on this forum:

The first of those two pages offers important guidance regarding how to format error messages and Python code for proper display, in case you decide to post such information when asking questions or helping other users within the Python Help category on this forum. To become familiar with the nature of the discussions here that might be most interesting to new Python students, please see some of the ongoing ones within that category.

Best of success with all your courses at SLU!