SLU Student Salying hello9 Python Programming COM-302-CA01)

Hi there! I’m a student who is currently learning Python. I wanted to say hi and see if there’s anything specific related to Python or programming that you’d like to discuss.

Hi @jainam01 - Since you asked…

I only joined this forum about a week ago and really regret not having joined several years ago (I’ve been programming Python for about 20 years…) I never considered the possibility that I’d be able to learn so many little and big things both from absolute beginners and core devs in such a short amount of time.

I think you can basically discuss anything here as long as it somehow relates to Python. There are different categories for different types of questions – the only unfortunate thing is that there is no Pythonesque category And now for something completely different…. For specific coding questions it may (sometimes?) be more appropriate to first ask on StackOverflow – but I don’t think there is a hard line between the general Python Help category and StackOverflow, so I would not hold back.

I noticed that recently quite a few SLU students joined and introduced themselves. Once you’re midway through your course or nearing the end, I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences with Python - things you liked or disliked, what you found hard or counter-intuitive, areas in which you’d like to apply Python - those kind of things. I also believe this could be of general interest. Every newbie comes with a fresh perspective and may experience or notice things that are unique and can lead to change. Programmers that I admire generally exhibit the Zen attitude of "初心“ – “beginner’s mind”, and many people on this forum seem to share that (Shoshin - Wikipedia)

OK, speaking about Zen - if you haven’t seen this yet, then do this in the Python interpreter:

import this

(The author of that is also an active participant in this forum :slight_smile: )