StdOut Hide or don't show about this message in MSSQL

I have a big problem to work

okay… this is my situation

  1. Windows Server 2019 Standard / MSSQL 2019 Standard Edition (CU16)
  2. work with MSSQL → ML-Service Python
  3. Using SSMS
  4. Using MSSQL → ML-Service - Python ( Not Only Python Using MS’s Python)

this is my problem

when i execute this code

EXECUTE sp_execute_External_script @language=N'Python'
, @Script=N'


it returns like this

STDOUT message(s) from external script: 

Express Edition will continue to be enforced.

this is what i want to know
I don’t want show that message

  1. Express Edition will continue to be enforced. ← what is that??
  2. How to suppress this message??
  3. When return information(not error) using STDOUT then i don’t want show that

An express edition is often a free edition that has restrictions. The message implies that restrictions, whatever they are, will be enforced.