Steering Council nomination: Dong-hee Na (2023 term)

Hi, I’m self-nominating myself for the 2023 Steering Council term to support the following agendas


  • Support Faster CPython
    Faster CPython project shows noticeable performance enhancement through CPython 3.11
    I expect that we need more complicated and challenging changes for CPython 3.12.
    My main interest is supporting the team from the infrastructure level to making decisions for controversial issues.

  • Support multicore subinterpreter project
    Many people are involving to support multicore subinterpreter project for many years, But I am not sure when we can release the feature to the public. To accelerate this project we need to support several decisions for the team so I would like to support those things for releasing the multi-core subinterpreter project at 3.12 or 3.13.

  • Support migration C API changes to the 3rd party
    Recently, we’ve changed several C APIs for several reasons. (e.g To make C API better, For performance improvement)
    Those changes impacted Python ecosystems including important libraries like Cython or other frameworks.
    For more smooth improvement, we need to provide a way for easier migration including the status check whether the API is broken from 3rd party side,
    I would like to focus on setting up the policy and system for easier migration including providing a toolkit from the CPython team.

My Contribution to Python

  • I’ve been a core developer since 2020.
  • 243 commits to CPython
  • I am the maintainer of the pyperf project and I‘ve supported adding features for the Faster-CPython project. Recent work was collaborating with the Pyston team to support LLVM BOLT optimizer.
  • For C API migration support, I am the co-maintainer of pythoncapi-compat project.