Steering Council nomination: Victor Stinner (2023 term)


I’m self-nominating myself for the 2023 Steering Council term. Here are topics that I would like to help, even if I’m not directly involved.

  • People: Promote mentoring contributors, make sure that the community remains diverse and welcoming, enforce the code of conduct when it was clearly not respected (I hope that it will not be needed).
  • WebAssembly and WASI: Amazing progress was made in Python 3.11 and PyScript is becoming a game changer. It might become a practical solution to run Python on smartphones for some use cases.
  • Optimize CPython: Help the faster-cpython team to implement their ideas, but keep on eye on the backward compatibility :wink:
  • Stable ABI: Promote the stable ABI, identify and implement missing features, and help projects like Cython to use it.
  • Design a better C API: Promote HPy project, consider Mark Shannon’s new C API project, prevent old issues when designing new functions, fix a few API issues (if they only impact a minority of C extensions).
  • Incompatible changes: think about incompatible changes in the long term, prepare the transition, being able to write code compatible with the old and new API (using 3rd party tool/module if needed), documentation and tooling to ease the transition. Consider reducing the number of incompatible changes, by thinking twice before introducing a deprecation warning?
  • Test the next Python: Build popular projects and run their test suite on the main branch of Python (or alpha and then beta releases). Well, the tests that we are running on each Python release at Red Hat with Fedora.

On my own agenda, I care about incompatible changes and the C API. We made great progress on handling incompatible changes before a Python 3.x final release. We should continue effort towards that, since we cannot avoid incompatible changes (they are needed to add new Python features).

When I don’t know something, I prefer to rely on experts. I don’t want to pretend that I can decision on a topic that I don’t know well. I will also try to make sure that SC remains as transparent as possible, and rely on the community when the SC is not needed.

About myself: