Still troublesome and primitive

still troublesome and primitive, so what did I mean?

programming is tedious and tedious. And if you don’t know English, it is very difficult to write a program.

My suggestion is that Python frees the programming language from being dependent on English and more comfortable programs are created.

All modules in ide are in packages and the names of the modules in ide have been translated into all world languages.
User ide screenshot: modules inside the ide on the right, rectangular inside, modular inside the squares.
the user selects the module, drags and creates a tree and is allowed to write his own modular.

The python foundation creates a main module hub. The main program names and saves all the modules it accepts in all world languages. ide requests modular here.

The ide controls and stimulates the flow of the entire tree. “In the languages of the world”
If you want something to be used by everyone, learn to respond in their own language, touch their hearts.

When Python achieves this, it will usher in a new era in software.
Python should start this era.
renaissance for language.

This text is written with google translate.

öğrenmek tevazudur.

Except for keywords, Python is not dependent on English. You can write

variables in any language.

δεδομένα = [1, 2, 5, 3, 7, 6, 0, 4]

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