Strange issues with pysnmp script

Hi to all,

I’ve got a code to make snmp requests to a list of servers. This code is working fine from linux, but if we try to execute from windows, we can’t access to the servers’ snmp agent.

The servers works with snmp version 3 and the script is the same in the to environtments (changing the work paths, of course). I use pysnmp module to do this requests and the server list is in an external CSV file. The script follows the execution correctly but it is retunrning me an noAccess error when we execute it from windows but really I have got access to the servers. From linux the script works fine and is returning me the values requested.

Can somebody help me??

Thanks in advance!!

Is this a windows firewall issue?

I would run wireshark on both linux and windows and compare what is being sent and received on the network when you run your code.


Thanks for your reply, but yesterday I made the wireshark pcap and the result is the same in both cases. The linux machine that I use is a linux environtment installed over WSL and I disabled the windows firewall with the same result, in linux works fine and in windows returns the noAccess error… It’s all very strange.

The unique thing I think could be the diferent is the encryption algorithms, that the windows isn’t able to support the same than the linux machine… Anybody knows what can I do to check this??? I’m using SHA/AES to authentication and privacy respectively

Thanks in advance.