Straw poll: Which governance proposals do you like best?

I’m personally taking the latter view.

I think one thing to keep in mind is the PEPs that are taking what I would consider a more drastic shift of moving us towards a commons/voting model should be caring more about who becomes a core developer. As I have said before, when I have previously shown support for people becoming a core developer it has not been based on how I thought they might vote on a PEP. But with the governance models that have us all voting on PEPs I think it will make it much more important to consider whether the person will want to take the language in a direction you agree with versus whether you think they can help out and follow our norms for when e.g. something is an acceptable compatibility break. IOW the PEPs that are moving us towards voting are making being a core developer much more important and so it doesn’t seem too crazy to then also need to pull in potential changes in how core developers are chosen.