Structure of the Packaging Strategy Discussions

Couple of suggestions that have come in regarding how to proceed with these strategy discussions, that I feel I need to clarify what I see as the expected deliverable from these 5 strategy threads (2 completed, 3 planned).

The 5 topics for strategy discussions were chosen based on feedback from the user survey and key observations around how this community works. The strategy discussions are a way to validate whether each strand should be taken further. This is the reason why each prompt has been a low ball question to gauge how strong the signal is for each prompt. They are not meant to be deep-dives that would end in a white paper.

The expected deliverable from these 5 threads is a high-level strategy document that will indicate which threads (workstream) we will be pursuing in depth and who will be working on each workstream. I expect this deep-dive to produce the policy doc/white paper/technical roadmap that is expected by many in this thread. Generally, I expect the strategy to look like this

Next 3-6 months- Produce high-level strategy doc, set up workstreams and working group for each workstream, define objectives and deliverables for each working group
Next 1 year- Deep dive into each workstream, targeted user surveys as suggested by multiple people in this thread, options analysis and building consensus for the chosen solution(s), define technical roadmap
Next 2-5 years- Develop solutions and deliver

I do not expect the deep-dive to take one year but building consensus might take a year. I have to see how each thread plays out in the community before we get to the point of developing the white paper. The suggestions regarding user surveys and policy docs that have come in via this thread are perfectly valid but it is too soon to do it right away, at least in my opinion.