Support native profiling

I gave a talk yesterday at language summit about native profiling. Discussing some ideas about having some native profiling features in the language based on signal delivery.


  • Attribute native time to signal delay
  • Account for child threads by monkey patching, child thread enumeration , stack inspection and byte code disassembly
  • Similar ideas can also report on memory for both Python vs. Native

Most of these are already used by the community in the scalene library here:

Carol shared The paper to read more about it.

It also has some case studies on successful use of signal-triggered profiling in our community.

Happy to continue hearing from folks about this algorithm.


I read the paper and could be convinced that Scalene is the current best CPython profiler. I am not quite clear what your goal is. Incorporate some part of the core of scalene into CPython? Reproduce some of its core functions?

Yes, I am proposing providing some core part of scalene, I am more interested in bringing out the Python vs. Native time abstraction. We could improve some things, a good starting point would be starting with the CPU time part. The memory bit is tricky with the shim allocator replacing the Python allocator, but I think its still feasible.