Support SSL_CTX_set1_sigalgs_list (set TLS Extensions)

SSL_CTX_set1_sigalgs_list: /docs/manmaster/man3/SSL_CTX_set1_sigalgs_list.html

httplib-based libraries like urllib3, requests fail to pass TLS Fingerprint because Python doesn’t allow them to change TLS Extensions, so they fail to emulate real web browsers, and the result is some websites protected by Cloudflare return back HCaptcha page or block them completely. And without ability to change SSL_CTX_set1_sigalgs_list it’s impossible to fight against this blocking method.

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Hey, so the #ideas category is mostly for Python feature requests, as opposed to smaller enhancements and bug fixes like this. You’re probably better off reporting this to the CPython issue tracker, and in fact there already appear to be related issues open, e.g. python/cpython#88974 (BPO-44811), which has an open PR, python/cpython#27550 to fix it, and also python/cpython#76073 which seems related as well.