Testing a local PEP 517 backend


I am interested in working on a Meson based PEP 517 backend, maybe fixing mesonpep517 or developing something from scratch. The first thing required to do so is to setup a test environment. However, I don’t see a way to specify a local directory where to look for the sources of the build tool. This can be done in the case where the build tool is located in a subdirectory of the project being built. Symbolic links could be probably be used to point to the build tool from each test project, but this would not work on Windows and I would ideally like to be able to run the test on that platform too. Does anyone have a better idea or is able to point me to the piece of documentation I missed?

Thank you.


Hi Daniele, great to hear! I have also expressed some interest on working on this in the Github issue.

Which build tool are you referring to?

The requires field takes any PEP 508 strings, so you should be able to write mybackend @ file://... to install mybackend on a given path. Is this what you are looking for?

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