Thanks for writing the Type System Guides!

This afternoon I was browsing the typing documentation root and noticed a number of Type System Guides.

I just wanted to drop a quick note here saying thanks for writing the Type System Guides! I figure the authors of these guides are reading this forum.

I learned a number of things from each of the guides. A few special callouts:

  • Modernizing Superseded Typing Features - I maintain multiple projects, some of which support very old versions of Python (like 3.8), very new versions of Python (like 3.11), or very many versions of Python (like 3.8-3.13a). So I tend to default to writing typing annotations in a somewhat old style that works everywhere. I like having a guide summarizing the best practices for writing new code with type annotations.

  • Reasons to avoid static type checking - There are lots of folks that aren’t using Python’s typing system for a variety of good reasons. It’s good to be honest about common situations where the tradeoffs lead folks away from using the type system.


Thanks! It’s good to hear that these guides are useful, even if there’s so much more to do on the documentation front. The two biggest missing pieces in my opinion are a tutorial and a user-facing reference (as opposed to the typing spec). I hope someone invents the 48 hour day sometime soon …

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