The printer doesn't work

i try to print my pdf with the collected information but the printer doesn’t appear when de verification ends.
the code is here, please help me
global pdf_output_ran, Y, dc, pen, pen2, font_small, font_bsmall, font_gras, page, page_line, winprinting, noprinter
if not pdf_output_ran:
if winprinting:
full_file_name = “CheckReport SEQ” + xseq[0] + " " + user
printer = ‘Bluebeam PDF’
hprinter = win32print.OpenPrinter(printer)
devmode = win32print.GetPrinter(hprinter, 2)[“pDevMode”]
devmode.PaperSize = 3 # 11x17 paper size
devmode.Orientation = 2
hdc = win32gui.CreateDC(“WINSPOOL”, printer, devmode)
dc = win32ui.CreateDCFromHandle(hdc)
dc.StartDoc(full_file_name + ‘.pdf’)
dc.SetMapMode(win32con.MM_TWIPS) # 1440 per inch
scale_factor = 20
pen = win32ui.CreatePen(win32con.PS_SOLID, int(scale_factor), 0)
pen2 = win32ui.CreatePen(win32con.PS_SOLID, 10, 0)
font_small = win32ui.CreateFont({“name”: “Calibri”, “height”: int(scale_factor * 10), “weight”: 400,})
font_bsmall = win32ui.CreateFont({“name”: “Calibri”, “height”: int(scale_factor * 10), “weight”: 800,})
font_gras = win32ui.CreateFont({“name”: “Calibri”, “height”: int(scale_factor * 15), “weight”: 800,})
page = 1
Y = -2580
page_line = 12
pdf_output_ran = True
Warning(user + “, l’imprimante n’est pas en ligne ou n’existe pas!”)
noprinter = True
if noprinter:


can you please add three wavy apostrophes, both above and below your code so that it is legible.
The key to use is the one just below the esc key in tandem with the shift key. You will be able to see how your code appears on the right side.

For example, by adding three of these ~ in series, both one line above and one line below,
the code will appear as:

code here

Also, please make sure that your code appears here as you have it on your terminal.