The sqlite3 timestamp conversion between unixepoch and localtime can't be done according to the timezone setting on the machine automatically

On Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, I use the recent2 to log and query my bash history, which uses a sqlite3 database to store the history information.

The datetime of running a command is inserted in the sqlite3 database with a unixepoch format, and it will be converted into localtime accordingly when retrieved and displayed later.

But I found that it did not perform the correct conversion according to the time zone setting on the machine, as shown below:

werner@X10DAi-00:~$ rm 222222222222222222
rm: cannot remove '222222222222222222': No such file or directory
werner@X10DAi-00:~$ recent -fo -w . 2222222222222
rm 222222222222222222                              # rtime@ 2021-08-29 10:57:13
werner@X10DAi-00:~$ date 
Sun 29 Aug 2021 06:57:22 PM CST

I also filed an issue here. Any hints for this problem?