There's a PyPA Discord now!

It’s totally open. See Open Source Projects | Discord. Anyone who has a discord user can visit and press join.

I agree and I never stated otherwise. Discord is more a forum where you can have quick back and forth discussion (both written/audio/video) with people before you make your argument on Discourse. It also serves as a chat where users/maintainers can communicate with each other about the project. All decisions impacting the project/ecosystem should still be codified in Github issues/Discourse post, but you need a channel where it’s easier to ping-pong back and for questions/answers.


It serves essentially the same purpose as IRC. Can discussions happen there? Yes. Should decisions happen there? No. It’s just a way for people to organize, brainstorm ideas and/or get support, propal proposals should go through discourse.

It is also helpful for maintainers, for eg. it’s much easier for me to reach Bernát there for small questions/discussions, we would previously use email, which is not really that adequate in several situations.

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I switched Pallets from IRC to Discord about two years ago now, and we’ve been very happy and productive with it.

I didn’t grow up using IRC, and never really figured out how to use it. Discord was a lot more intuitive and easy to manage for me. Interface and features are way nicer and easier to understand and use for me. Their API documentation is really great, in case you want to write your own bot or integration. We use an integration to bridge the old IRC to our general questions channel which serves the same purpose, in case anyone still finds the IRC channel or prefers it.

We used to use a service to log and search our IRC channel, but it was a pretty glitchy interface and went down years ago. I considered adding a log bot for Discord, but Discord itself maintains history and provides a nice search, although like everything else it requires an account. When we discuss specific issues, I try to leave a summary comment on the relevant issue, or open a new one, which is better than searching through chat anyway.

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