Too many release blockers for 3.8.0b4

Hey there, Team.
The last 3.8 beta is scheduled for the upcoming Monday.

Unless we do something soon, this will not happen on time as there are currently nine release blockers open for this release.

Some of those I just upgraded from “deferred blocker” to “release blocker”. PEP 101 states that there must be no “deferred blockers” or “release blockers” to enter the release candidate phase. Ideally we’d have all bigger fixes available in the last beta for users to test.

Please look at the list of release blockers linked above and see what you can help with.


Looks like we are unblocked! Commencing with the release…


The macOS installer squad (hi, @nad) revealed a problem in shutil that makes pip fail. This is related to which I reopened.