Tractor Sim to record performance and other factors, Help needed

Is it possible to develop a program to record tractor performance on varying soil and terrain? if yes, where do I start and what would I need.

You’ll need to collect information on the terrain and soil and the performance, and then decide what you want to do with it and how to analyse it. Only then will be you able to tell whether writing a program might be helpful.

First you will need a tractor.

Second you will need some objective measure of performance. What do you mean by tractor performance?

  • Fuel efficiency.
  • Average or top speed.
  • Number of acres plowed per day.
  • Cost of maintenance.
  • Down-time per month.
  • Something else?

Then you need a way to measure that performance.

Depending on what you are measuring, you could just enter it into a spreadsheet, or write it in a book. It hardly seems likely that you will need to write a special program just to record that information.

But without understanding what you intend to measure, it is hard to say what is the best way to measure it.