Trying to make a Telegram bot but something is wrong

So, I know practically nothing about programming, and I used ChatGPT for this bot here. I would really appreaciate some help if you guys can. The lines that the bot gets and answers the questions are in Russian, by the way.

from telegram import Update, Bot
from telegram.ext import Updater, CommandHandler, MessageHandler, CallbackContext

def start(update: Update, context: CallbackContext):, text="Привет, как тебя зовут?")

def process_question(update: Update, context: CallbackContext):
    text = update.message.text.lower()
    chat_id =

    if text == "привет, как тебя зовут?":, text="Меня зовут Боб, приятно познакомиться!")
    elif text == "как прошел твой день?":, text="Очень даже неплохо, а у тебя?")
    elif text == "что ты планируешь делать на выходные?":, text="Наверное проведу весь день играя в видео игры, а что насчет тебя?")
    elif text == "какой твой любимый цвет?":
        # Generate a random color here and send the response, text="Мой любимый цвет - случайный цвет!")
    elif text == "какая твоя любимая еда?":
        # Generate a random food choice here and send the response, text="Моя любимая еда - случайный выбор из меню!")

def main():
    bot = Bot(token="YOUR_TELEGRAM_TOKEN")
    updater = Updater(bot=bot, use_context=True)
    dispatcher = updater.dispatcher

    # Add handlers for different commands and messages
    start_handler = CommandHandler("start", start)
    question_handler = MessageHandler(None, process_question)



if __name__ == "__main__":

The problem that I get is:

Exception has occurred: TypeError
Updater.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'use_context'
  File "C:\Users\archd\Desktop\", line 29, in main
    updater = Updater(bot=bot, use_context=True)
  File "C:\Users\archd\Desktop\", line 44, in <module>
TypeError: Updater.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'use_context'

“…something is wrong”? You haven’t said what is wrong. If it’s showing an error, please copy and paste the full traceback.

Also, I hope that it’s OK for the “Telegram bot token” to be public, if that’s yours!

BTW, ChatGPT isn’t actually intelligent, so its output ChatGPT might not be meaningful.

Yes, I am so sorry, I forgot the main thing. There, I edited it so the problem is there and the token is gone now.

It might be that parts of the package’s API have changed since the training data for ChatGPT was collected. It certainly looks like Updater no longer has the use_context parameter. Time to read the documentation and look for tutorials and examples, I think!