TypeForm: Spelling for a type annotation object at runtime

Generic there wasn’t meant to be typing.Generic, just some Generic form which was valid within type form, I could have used a more careful term, but I thought the context would have made it obvious that I was not specifically speaking about typing.Generic, and only about something which had generic parameterization as a type form.

I can work up an example later, but this doesn’t cover all of the same cases which runtime users were currently (mis)using type for, and which those uses were told to wait for type form, partially because of…

The extra level of nesting introduced for these cases to be “valid” changes where the parameterization would need to exist and be supported in cases that were ruled in Is `Annotated` compatible with `type[T]`? as “misuse, and needing to wait on typeform”

I’m also in favor of adding HKTs, What I’ve said shouldn’t be read as not to add HKTs, but that if we don’t have them in full, we can still scope a set of rules here that allows a very narrow use that retains something users had a use case for, and arguably had those cases working in their type checkers already.