Typing Summit at PyCon US 2019

I’d like to remind everyone that in 8 days, at PyCon US in Cleveland, we’ll have the Typing Summit (the day after the Language Summit). There’s still room to register! So far I’ve received just under 20 registrations – there’s room for at least 20 more! The summit is for both developers and users of static type checkers for Python.

Topics will include (not necessarily in this order):

Michael Sullivan: Annotation growth at Dropbox, and how we used mypyc to speed up mypy 4x.

Jelle Zijlstra: The future of typeshed.

Jukka Lehtosalo: Modular typeshed.

Ivan Levkivskyi: Typing and mypy usability.

Andrey Vlasovskikh: Incremental static analysis in PyCharm.

Guido van Rossum: Overview of upcoming typing PEPs (544: Protocols; 586: Literal; 589: TypedDict; 591: Final).

There’s also room to discuss more speculative changes to the type system, especially changes needed to support numpy, such as integer generics and variadic type variables, and special cases for wrapper functions using *(*args, **kwds). I’m looking for volunteers to speak about these topics.

The typing summit is primarily a place for developers of type checkers to collaborate, but we are also inviting (potential) users of type checkers. For example, there are plans to extend the standard Python type system with features intended to support numpy, Pandas, tensorflow and similar libraries, and we will discuss these at the summit. Therefore developers and power-users of such frameworks are especially welcome at the summit.

When: Thursday May 2nd, 1-5 pm (i.e. the day between the Language Summit and the conference proper)

Where: Room 6 at PyCon in Cleveland

If you’re planning to attend, please fill out this form: