Typo in translation

I have not found where is the po file for the translation of discobot tutorials.
In fact I have not found where is the source code of this site among the GitHub repositories of Python org.
I just wanted to correct the following typo:
utiliser avancé” → “utilisateur avancé
(translation of “advanced user”).
(“utiliser” is the verb “to use”, and “utilisateur” is the noun “user”)

Thanks in advance, best regards,
Laurent Lyaudet

This site is an instance of Discourse. See Contribute a translation to Discourse - developers - Discourse Meta

Thanks @jeanas :).
I suggested a better translation here:
But I don’t see a way to make my translation the default french translation.
I hope someone else will upvote my translation and correct the choice of the default french translation.

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I upvoted, but I don’t know how that thing works.

Same here.