Unusual Error with print command

Ah, well. That’s different from the code you showed us, which doesn’t have that mistake (but does have other mistakes or omissions, which could cause different problems). And either way, it’s different from what you already have - because the forum will convert ordinary quotes (the ones that you get by typing ' or " in a plain text editor) to “smart” quotes (nicer-looking ones that you might get automatically from a word processor; this is not caused by using a special font for the text, but is actually a different character), and doesn’t preserve the indentation of the code. Indentation is crucial in Python, because it’s how Python knows the structure of the code (e.g. which lines of code are inside a function and which are after it).

In order to understand code properly, we need to see it exactly as you actually have it - hence the formatting guidelines. Please read the pinned thread; proper formatting makes things easier for everyone.