Upcoming 3.7.9 and 3.6.12 Security Releases

We are planning to produce security-fix rollup releases for Python 3.7.x and 3.6.x on 2020-08-14. The most recent releases for these versions were on 2020-06-27 and 3.7.8 was the final bugfix release for 3.7. Shortly after those releases, several security issues affecting them were fixed. Because one of those fixes addresses a potential security vulnerability when using Python on Windows (https://bugs.python.org/issue29778), we are making an exception and providing updated binary installers for 3.7.9 since this first 3.7.x security release follows so soon after the final 3.7.x bugfix release.

Also, starting with these releases, we plan to no longer produce release candidates for 3.7.x and 3.6.x security releases, and instead simply provide final releases, as we receive little to no feedback from security release candidates and the number of changes in each security releases is small.

Core developers: if you know of any additional security issues that should be addressed in these releases, please mark the relevant bpo issues as “release blocker” and, if possible, submit PRs for review prior to the end of 2020-08-13 AOE. Thanks!