Updates to the devguide - editorial decisions

Who makes editorial decisions about changes to the devguide? For example, in the Core Developers / Responsibilities section, there’s this:

Is this really still the case? It doesn’t seem up to date now that we have this forum. For instance:

  • Wouldn’t python-checkins be too noisy for most people to subscribe to?
  • python-bugs-list doesn’t appear to be updated since the move to GitHub issues, so it should probably no longer be mentioned here.
  • python-dev is moving to here.

Also on that page, there’s another issue related to core developer workflow which I’ve already posted about here.

Of course I can work up suggested changes in these areas and submit a PR, but this seems to be the place to discuss what should go in that PR.

For most things, you can just open an issue at Issues · python/devguide · GitHub. More controversial changes can be brought up and discussed where they are more likely to be seen by interested parties – like this forum.


That’s completely outdated. python-dev discussions moved to the Core Dev category of dicuss.python.org

By the way, I don’t know new-bugs-announce and python-bugs-list lists, and I was never subscribed to python-checkins.


The python-checkins list is useful, since it allows quick reviews of
code which was checked into the repo.

Postings include the complete checkin log entry and the diffs.

I use the list together with a filter to see checkins related to code
I’ve worked on in the past.

I added a PR for this.


And it’s now merged and live, so please feel free to check it out and let me know if anything’s been missed.

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