Using pandas to run CSV data through an equation


Given the above CSV file I am trying to use the data in each column as input data in an equation. I am pretty new to coding so I don’t know really where to start. Using Pandas I can import the CSV file to python and can see all the information in it, but thats about it. I think I need to convert them to numerical values with the .values function but not sure it thats accurate. And then I believe I need them in an array or list of some sort.

Ultimately the goal is to iterate through each each row of values, using them in an equation to output a numeric value for that respective row. I will be using a more complex equation, but for now i’m just trying to get it to work so It can be simple so th1 +th2 +t h3 = a value

Any advice or a push in the right direction would be great!!

Thanks for the help!!