Venv imported from github don't work and pip also

Hello, I’ve imported my program from github to work on an new PC. It’s not my PC so I put all my files in a single folder.
My program look like: is installed in env, but when I try to run, it said it doesn’t find

Another things:

In english: ‘pip’ is not recognized as an internal command
or external, an executable program or a batch file.

So pip don’t work also, maybe there is a link between these problems.

Were you in the folder entreprise-667 (the working directory) when activating your venv?

What does your sys.path look like? Does it contain the library and/or Scripts folders?

What does py -m pip freeze output?

The basis for all these questions is that it seems your path is not correct.


So no

It output nothing

I’ve find the problem, the venv try to use python with the path of where he is on the other computer, but it’s not the path of where he is here. So some files in the venv have memorized the wrong path. It look hard to fix.
Maybe creating another venv on this computer to be able to run the app locally, and copy only .py files.
If someone have another idea in order to fix it, I’m listening.

Python virtual environments (as created by the venv module from
stdlib or the separate virtualenv package) are not portable across
systems, or even to different places on the same system where they
were built. If you need a portable deployment, consider using
something like a docker container or virtual machine image.

OK, thanks, I don’t need a portable deployment, just I can’t use my PC for 2 week but I don’t want to make a break. So i will only change .py files and don’t use a venv.