Vosk has been downloaded but still can't find it in python

hi, i’m completely new here. cmd has confirmed that vosk is downloaded but when it turns to IPython Console, it just cannot find the packages. i’ve tried to feed the location given by the cmd into the Python interpreter but it still doesn’t work. and i’m sure the vosk is not in anaconda enviornment. what am i suppose to do next. thx


the issue might be (as this is a recurring issue by the way) that you have downloaded the library to a different Python IDE installation. This happens if you have multiple IDE installations on your system (say, IDE v3.8, v3.10, 3.12, etc.). For example, if your current active Python IDE is v3.12, but the library package was downloaded to v3.10, then it will not be visible to your current active version. This is why it is generally a good idea to have only one Python version on your system, preferably the latest version (unless of course, if you are a seasoned Pythonista and have to support multiple versions for your work).

To start, type the following on your CMD window:

py --version

You can also type:

pip show pip 

to display the directory location where pip installs the packages.

Then, go to your Python IDE and type:

import sys
major, minor, micro = sys.version_info[:3]
print(f"Your Python version is {major}.{minor}.{micro}")

Do they match? If they don’t, this might be the source of your issue for the reasons stated above. What is happening in this situation is that during pip installation, it is downloading the library package to a Python IDE that does not match your current active Python version.

Try the stated steps above to see if this is the source of your issue, and start from there.

To find the individual location of a single library package, in the CMD window, type:

pip show library_package_name

To view the locations of ALL Python packages on your system, type the following in the CMD window:

pip list -v

Please start here:

problem solved by using a virtual environment,thanks